Paradigmatic and multidisciplinary project based upon a global remake of the concept of information

(see also "a new ethic, from information to informotion")


A new concept for INFORMATION

We propose to reinterpret present-day scientific concepts starting with an entirely new look at the fundamental concept of information, which has been at the heart of all interrogations for the last fifty years.

Indeed, the concept of information, quite likely a victim of its own success, having come to be used by all disciplines, scientific or otherwise, is not only vague and ill-defined, but its present use is the source of many paradoxes and logical impasses. The definition and use of the term is based upon a new axiomatique, or set of principles, forming the basis of a science of irreversibility.

However, this takes us much further than we might at first imagine, compelling us to reform our ideas about such things as evolution, perception, memory, knowledge, auto-organization, socialization, and their representation. It also means reinterpreting what we might term "genetic mechanics" and its central dogma, as defined by Shannon and Weaver in their theory of information and communication. And it allows us to propose new ideas concerning the impasses encountered today in fundamental physics.

Any proposal that questions today's understanding of the concept of information means formulating fresh answers to the following fundamental questions: What is scientific activity? How else can we view the concept of knowledge? What criteria can help us to know whether or not a theory or experiment is engaged in an impasse? What new propositions can be made?

In this project, the accent is not so much on co-operation between existing disciplines, but rather on questioning the way in which these are segmented, their heuristic legitimacy, certain of their experiments, and particularly their fundamental concepts. This means formulating new paradigms that will disengage us from the impasses encountered by these disciplines as they exist today.

By M. Horne, from texts by J. Jaffelin.

You'll have more in reading the following pages included an axiomatic.


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